• Reducing overhead in reverse proxy servers when processing web pages
    United States Patent 20040111491
    Issued June 10, 2004
    Inventors: Raja Nagendra Kumar
    An approach which enables the overhead of performing a task associated with performing a procedure (function) call to be shifted to clients from a reverse proxy server when the reverse proxy server forwards web pages, the content of which may be dynamically created on the clients according to a description (e.g., using Java Script Language).

    The reverse proxy server may include instructions associated with the description to re-define the procedure call such that the task (in addition to the logic of the pre-defined procedure call) is performed on the clients. For example, with reference to a procedure call containing a URL accessible only within an intranet, the reverse proxy server may insert instructions which cause each client to insert the URL of the reverse proxy server such that any requests for a resource (corresponding to the URL) are passed through the reverse proxy server.


  • Identifying statements requiring additional processing when forwarding a web page description(Link)
    US Patents (
    March 3, 2003
    A system which enables an administrator to conveniently specify statements of a web page description which may require additional processing. The administrator may select from a list of statement types, and a language grammar corresponding to the selected statement type is displayed. The administrator may provide variable data associated with the fields of the displayed language grammar, and a rule instance is created from the language grammar and the variable data. An intermediate server may determine whether each statement of a web page description matches any of the rule instances. If a match is detected, the corresponding statement is determined to potentially require additional processing (such as modification of a URL in a reverse proxy server).