Case studies


ABB tasked KenIT to build a product (Vendor Payments Reconciliation) which collects huge business data from SAP and to allow further business work flow though web interface. This product was to be delivered in a years time by a team of 8 people


  • Product gestation was taking long time close to 2 years and was still not out
  • High Performance and Scalability issue of Portal
  • Client did not accept the delivery as SAP and Web Data were not matching


  • Automate Manual Tasks
    • Reduce people dependency
  • Account People for Objectives than tasks for Last Mile Results
  • Hand Hold team when needed
  • Owned Architecture and Design Decisions


  • Worked with multiple teams for SAP, Web, ABB teams to solve last mile integration & delivery issues
  • Product got accepted and signed by client with in 4 months our engagement.
  • Product was able to scale to 100 concurrent users from previous 10 users with 3 times faster response
  • Enabled a culture of inter team trust and accountability