Nagendra is probably not best used in a typical “develop and architect a solution” kind of scenario though he can do that too. He is more of a specialist with a very special skill set as most architects do not necessarily possess what Nagendra brings on the table. Had software engineering excellence been followed more, we could have had a bigger percentage of new products and lesser percentage of sustaining in the industry ;- The fact that engineering excellence is so hard to achieve though we have so much of technology/programming skill around, the value that Nagendra proposes is unique.

If you believe in the same value, he makes a wonderful partner and he can help you execute an engineering excellence roadmap if you have the desire and conviction to do that.

I wish Nagendra all success

Chakrapani Sakhumalla
Program Manager at NDS services Pay TV Technology (Now part of Cisco)

It is my pleasure to interact with Nagendra during his role of Consultant representing Teja Soft at NDS for Code Refactoring. He has highly technical skills and indepth understanding of the requirements. He has made a very good collaborative framework as the outcome which company can take if forward for the implementation. Though he was a Consultant, he adapted to the system and brought in good values that benefit the system

Sanjay Soni
Managing Director at Logix Microsystems Limited

Highly recommend TejaSoft for their professional approach and in-depth knowledge. Tremendous value add to our business.

Dayanidhi M G
MD-Apac at Digital Chocolate

Nagendra is a very reliable, technically competent person who delivered with expected quality. He showed his ability to work with a team which was not as experienced as we would have wanted it to be. He succeeded in not only getting the desired productivity but also groomed the team well in the process.

Achalla Rama Krishna
Java Technical Architect at L&T Infotech