Time and Accountability Model

Challenges of Fixed Bid

This model puts the product in danger due to time, resources & costs being fixed. The clients expect continuous changes over the course of the project and as timelines & materials are fixed it leaves little scope for interim changes. In turn the quality of the product suffers and leaves less scope for innovation.

What is Time & Accountability?

The ‘Time & Accountability’ model, an intrinsic part of Tejasoft’s culture takes into account the challenges of ‘Time & Material’ model. This model is Agile in process & fixed in the number of bodies. Bi-monthly iterations with the client leaves more room for changes as the project evolves and thus leads to a mature end product.

Advantages of Time & Accountability

The focus here lies in “Brains” instead of ‘Bodies’ to deliver a perfect product; bugs, attritions, self-driven Quality checks are not chargeable! Consultants & Specialists are used as opposed to static resources & employee knowledge. This approach gives way to innovations due to its agile nature. Accountability till the last mile is taken care of.

Tejasoft firmly believes that the IT industry can benefit with this approach. Maintenance costs can be widely reduced by reducing resources instead of reducing hourly rates. Effective business benefits can be strongly felt by customers using this model.

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