Global Delivery Services

TejaSoft works carefully with clients to achieve goal alignment and then to match deployment strategies to business goals. While some organizations prefer to pursue single country/region models in the first phases of our relationship, many recognize the opportunity to employ multi-shore models as the engagement evolves and the partnership deepens.

TejaSoft leverages methods and best practices gained from creating and managing more than 50 software product labs for clients to reduce the risk and complexity of global software product development. Joint process frameworks include critical elements from clients combined with TejaSofts expertise to form visible and governed operating methods that allow the extended team to work locally and collaborate globally.

TejaSoft relies heavily on state-of-the-art collaboration tools and techniques across two categories:

  • Conversational Interactions: Discovery and relationship building that are often critical during the first few phases of the engagement.
  • Collaborative Interactions: Document management, threaded discussions, audit history and other mechanisms designed to capture the efforts of many into a managed content environment for the benefit of all team members.