TejaSoft is a Product Services Organisation, with Clean Code as first class ‘Engineering culture’

We are team of expert Coder Doctors, specialized in world class Product Services. We are often referred as Technological firefighters by our clients as we have successfully aided several companies in times of Engineering Chaos.

We put in place a revival plan (back to health from Code Mess and Technical Debt) by adopting ‘Code Excellence’, ‘Merciless Refactoring’, ‘Clean Code’, ‘Bottom-up Engineering’ and ‘Extreme Test Automation’.

Swachh Code: TejaSoft has few digital brands to meet ‘Let us cut Engineering Complexity’, they are

1. Code Doctors – to Mentor, Guide, Advisory and be a Catalyst to Re-Skill, Up-Skill and Uplift teams
2. Clean Code – to refactor and re-engineer legacy or regularly monitor evolving code
3. Code Metrics – to Measure and Audit legacy or evolving Code
4. Code Surgeons – to handle Engineering Fire, Emergency or ICU last mile situations
5. Clean Coders – to induce Product mindset culture in Services
6. Code Clinic – to do Code Tests & to overlook Engineering Team outcomes regularly

Apple Quality‘ at Indian IT Services price points is a reality, through our Innovative Services 2.0 business models.

Services 2.0 makes excellence, a limited time cost overhead and it is made, very easy to follow, as we use Service Tickets strategy to Simplify adoption. It also allows us to attend to any ICU engineering emergencies, at ~Instantly, with 100% Accountability on TejaSoft to takeover legacy, in any stack and to guide any size client Teams.

TejaSoft competence include development of Desktop, Web, Mobile, Cloud(AWS, Azure, GC, DigitalOcean etc.), Big Data, Analytics, IoT, Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, VertX.io, Talend, Pentaho, Jasper, Spring, JavaEE, Liferay, Alfresco, OpenKM, NodeJS, Java, Python, Julia, .net, PHP, Go, Rust, elm, Haskell, Lua, Scala, Groovy, Kotlin, Android, Swift, Hybrid Apps (Ionic, Mobile First, Kony, Cordova, React Native, Flutter, Native Script, Sencha Touch, Titanium etc..), ML, AI, DL, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum, Smart Contract applications along with Code Audit, Rapid Team Building, Code level Mentoring and Guidance Services in the most Cost & Time efficient way.


Factor 4 Results – Engineering is not a commodity

TejaSoft provides Factor 4 Results, wherein the clients can realize 4 times productivity compared to any other Indian IT services provider.
Solutions to clients would be ready to market in 60% of the time frame, with 50% of the cost and 100% free from engineering hassles.
The aim of TejaSoft is to be a collaborative member of the clients’ product development team to build a long-term relationship with them.
TejaSoft has 100% success rate in meeting the clients’ needs so far. We continue to meet this by signing for ‘Engineering Value is Mandatory’ contracts only.

We Kill Ourselves for the success of Your Product

Our core success lies in providing genuine service to our clients by providing engineering support system and empowering our clients’ team to be self-reliant.
Our process & methodology includes co-work with Clients’ Team and uplift them through continuous knowledge sharing.
Once the clients’ Team is equipped with handling the project, we take a backseat and hand over the project back to the clients’ team. We call this ‘A True Business Value Culture’, which is one of a kind in the Industry. One should not look for Heart Surgeon for lifelong support.

We Drive by Results Not by Hours

TejaSoft believes in business ethics, We commit realistically and stands by it’s commitments. We are Output driven and believe in providing a complete solution till the project end, irrespective of the extra hours consumed.
We take complete responsibility of any bugs that may come along with the Product. We will fix them for free during the project execution period.
To keep Defect Injection rates, in check, we deliver enterprise grade code. We follow Agile (Iterative), TDD, Extreme Programing, Scrum approach, which are tweaked to meet Indian style of IT Business