• Porting is Avoidable – Extreme OO and Enterprise ready best practices for Android, BB, JavaME Apps(Link)
    March 26, 2012
    This webinar will focus talk about top 5 issues and shall show them OOAD solutions, taking an example of Android, JavaME and Back End as JavaEE. This is indented to mid level developers to follow similar approach in their day to day needs of code duplications or porting needs.
    In this webinar, you will understand these concepts:
    What are Developers’ Challenges to deliver portable code (Top 5 Issues?)
    What are Organizations ongoing challenges due to porting approach
    What are the available technology options & it’s pitfalls
    How to overcome porting needs with Extreme OOAD (Solution realized for the Top 5 issues)
    Practical demo of the solution
    The approach discussed in this webinar talks about how Extreme OOAD as applied not only to code but also to the resources (images and text) can do away with total porting efforts, reduces testing needs and can improve code reuse as much as 80% across the applications. It also saves as much as 200k of revenues for each release for enterprises
  • Nagasthra – A New Look at e-security(Link)
    Nokia WapHotHouse -2000
    October 31, 2000
    Most of the people today are not comfortable shopping on the Internet because of the threat of insecurity, the threat of the possibility of the leakage of the card number and misuse of the same. This paper discusses a new payment model, which provides the user with control of when and for what the card is used, basically by adding an additional business security layer. The credit card owners has to login and provide a password to authenticate the transaction.
    It also provides for the division of this security layer into two parts one is the virtual i-card number, which is made available to the restricted public as identified by the credit card owner. The other part is the wPIN (Wireless pin) that is used only by the credit card owner for authorizing the transaction on fly