Dedicated Consulting Model

A Dedicated Development Facility provides all the benefits of an experienced, capable engineering team without the common constraints. Unlike in a project-to-project execution situation, we maintain a team that is committed to all your requirements.

Continuously aligning engineering resources to demands, such as rapid adaptability to changing technologies, market dynamics and business models, and the constant need to innovate and satisfy ever-changing customer expectations, is challenging indeed. This enables you to build the much sought-after flexibility into your resource capacity and its utilization. Lower cost per engineer plus the ability to shift engineers to and from your other projects, when necessary, allows adapting to your resource requirements.

This Model is ideally structured and suited for product co-development engagements. It offers you a range of compelling benefits:

  • Virtually an extended arm of your in-house engineering resources.
  • Experience and expertise under one roof
  • Offers complete focus and commitment to your product development needs
  • Fool-proof intellectual property protection policies and safeguards
  • Offers you an opportunity to select, review and retain personnel
  • Provides world-class infrastructure, experienced human resource and proven processes at your disposal, without any investments from you
  • Processes tailor-made for your needs
  • Transparency in operation through efficient collaboration methodologies
  • Provides scope for controlling costs through pre-defined cost structures