Case studies


  • Provided
    • Refactoring and test automation services to their existing portal code
    • Design and implementation for exposing the IRCTC business securely though web services
    • On-site (Delhi) and Offsite model with clear process defined and followed.
    • JUnit Tests to measure Web services scalability
  • Now
    • They sell 100k+ tickets per day online as opposed to stressed to sell 5000 per day.
    • Mobile applications and Bank ATMs are depending on these web services code to sell the Train tickets (ngpay, mChek).

At Logix

Logix is a top 5 Auto Domain OEM Software vendor, Has 600+ clients on SaaS model, 10+ Products and 400+ team


  • High Increase in Hardware needs to run SaaS for improving performance
  • High number of known defects
  • Adding new client would become a big project
  • Close to 80% product revenue re-invested into maintenance, performance & reliability issues
  • Obsolete tools & technology
  • Management concerns over loss of sales and giving a way for competition