Case studies


  • Observe engineering activities at engineers, designers, architects & managers level. Have 1:1 meetings
  • Design and Architecture Review of 3 of their products
  • Identify Legacy Code and Comments
  • Multi Tenancy approach at Database and Application Level


  • Reductions
    • 15 lakh lines of code to 10 lakh lines in a year
    • Hardware from 30 to 5 machines
    • Team from 20 people to 8 people
    • Zero Production time Bugs
    • Overall maintenance cost reduced by 50% in a years time ($750k)
  • Engineering & Existing clients Transformation Strategy was provided
  • Technology adoption Road map for the New Version of the product was put in place
  • A Portal Based Architecture and Design was provided
  • Enable system with Enterprise Engineering Process and Tools
  • Object Oriented Build System (OOBS)for Continuous Deployments with minimal human intervention
  • Timely Code Metrics Collection
    • Live Refactoring and Unit Testing
    • Clearly identify Systems Integration points and Automate Updates