Case studies


Small Devices (SD) ” Mobile Space 2005 year, angel founded Startup, was focused to excel as porting house for JavaME based mobile games.


  • Need to build team from 3 to 100 people in a year
  • Need for a reliable process for porting across mobile platforms
    • Increase team members productivity


  • Provide Object Oriented Porting Framework
  • Team Building Responsibility
    • Hire, Guide and Hand Hold Team
    • Groom 6 months to 3 years junior teams


  • In 9 months the team was built to 70 people (from 3)
  • Enabled porting by Jr. teams Increased
    • Enabled porting by Jr. teams
    • Increased productivity from 1 port to 4 ports a week
  • Small device was acquired by US MNC (Digital Chocolate) as a reliable porting house